Online Tachograph

Remote Reading of Digital Tachographs & Driver Cards

Read out digital tachographs automatically

Fully Automatic: Anytime, Anywhere

Download tachograph data hassle-free anywhere and anytime. Read out all data from the digital tachograph and driver cards regardless of where the vehicle is, even if it does not return to the depot for long periods.

Fulfil legal obligations

Fulfil legal obligations

Read data effortlessly, always on time, archive in compliance with legal requirements and ensure adherence to deletion deadlines. Always up-to-date and without your intervention! Keep an eye on current and remaining driving times — this way you avoid fines and make work much easier.

Achieve more with integrated violation analyses

Violation evaluations & driver instructions

Make systematic and targeted use the extensive, integrated violation analyses and properly document driver instructions & trainings.

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Everything at a glance in our

Fully Automatic

The system works autonomously and anywhere, regardless of where your vehicles or drivers are.
Fulfilling all legal obligations and complying with drivers’ hours regulations has never been easier.
No more monthly walks to the vehicle, no annoying download dongles or even the mailings of company cards by post!
Effortlessly comply with legal obligations

Effortlessly comply with Legal Obligations

Data from driver cards must be downloaded and archived at least once every 28 days, tachograph data from vehicles must be read at least every 90 days.

Our solution does it all for you!

You can access all data at any time, download legally compliant files and view them from our convenient web portal. No matter where your vehicles or drivers are, we ensure that you possess data required by law at all times.

Separate backups of all data on separate storage media are required

Did you remember the backups?

Not only is it necessary to keep a backup of all data on separate storage media, but ensuring data protection compliance is mandatory, too, including authorised access controls and adherence to statutory deletion periods. Non-compliance may incur severe fines!

With TSI everything is managed for you!

Working Time Accounting


Relieve your payroll department and create added value by using driver card data directly for your drivers' working time accounting.

Intelligent Working Time Manager

The intuitive visual interface makes it child's play to perform routine tasks such as

  • Recording of absences and holidays,
  • entering of sick leave,
  • or adding corrections.
With our small, compact card reader for your office, your company card remains readily available at your location at all times.

The System

Card Reader for your Office

With our small, compact card reader for your office, your company card remains readily available at your location at all times. Mailing your company cards not required!

Setting up the card reader is child's play: All you need is power outlet and an internet connection - either using a network cable (RJ-45) or Wi-Fi. The integrated touchscreen guides you comfortably through the initial setup.

With our high-performance telematics onboard unit for your vehicles, you not only read the data from the digital tachograph, but also automatically all driver cards from drivers who drive the vehicle.

Telematics unit for your vehicles

With our high-performance telematics onboard unit for your vehicles, you not only read the data from the digital tachograph, but also automatically all driver cards from drivers who drive the vehicle.

All additional actions on your part unnecessary: The system runs autonomously and automatically extracts all necessary data.

More information about the solution

One PlatformMany Solutions

Our solution also enables numerous additional applications that help your company to run more efficient, cost-effective and successful.

More Applications

Fuel consumption tracking

The solution tracks the exact fuel consumption for every single trip, every vehicle and every driver.

Combined with fuel efficiency goals, you create modern monetary incentives for a permanent reduction in consumption and fuel costs.

Live GPS tracking

TSI Fleetmanager offers an always up-to-date overview of all your vehicles and their locations, any time and from anywhere.

Thanks to integrated, zoomable maps, you have an overview of all your vehicles, can follow routes live and schedule at short notice.

Mobile Order Management

With remote order management, you can stay in touch with your drivers at all times. You can send orders and destinations directly to your driver's navigation systems.

Not only track live when your vehicles arrive at their destinations, but also plan & schedule optimally in real time.

Theft protection for vehicles and cargo

With our smart monitoring and surveillance features you are rapidly alerted to special events, e.g. when cargo or fuel is being stolen.

Or receive a text message when your vehicle leaves a permitted area.

Optimise driving behaviour

With the driving style analysis, create new, additional incentives for a conscientious and economical driving style and uncover specific training needs.

Not only are fuel savings of well over 10% achievable, but significant and sustainable reductions in operating costs, too!

Temperature Monitoring

With our sensory package you can also monitor the condition of your goods & cargo at any time and e.g. document compliance with the cold chain.

If a set temperature is exceeded or fallen below, you get alerted in before damage occurs.

More Applications

Our Web-Portal

One Home for all your data

An intuitive and easy-to-understand interface shows you at a glance which data has automatically been downloaded

and whether all data you need is available.

This is shown conveniently monthly calendar view.

Of course, you can also view any stored data and view details of the activity data, detailed events or technical data contained in these files

It is also easy to access the data — individually or as packaged as a zip file.

This way, you can easily pass on data if required or further analyse and process it in another software or system.

The management of non-equipped vehicles is also realised, and tachograph data can be uploaded for archiving and evaluation.

Comprehensive Violations Analysis

Ensure compliance with all legal requirements

because the responsibility to plan and schedule routes in accordance with drivers’ hours regulations and enforcing its compliance lies with the company:

Legally, it is the entrepreneur, freight forwarder, tour operator or other company operating commercial road transports who can become liable when schedules, driving times or driving personnel violate the law (in particular Regulation (EC) No. 561/2006).

Violation analyses are particularly important

to take targeted action in the event of violations. In particular, if violations take place over a longer period of time, administrative and criminal consequences are to be expected in addition to hefty fines (up to 30,000 euros per violation).

You can analyse data files from driver cards and tachographs directly

in the system and easily fulfil your legal obligations. Our extensive violation analysis can help you to visualise the exact circumstance and context of each violation in detail.

This makes it easy to identify the cause of violations, for example lack of knowledge or operator errors or might there even be signs of tampering?

Documentation of driver trainings

Instructing, training and checking drivers regularly is a central, legal obligation for companies,

in particular in questions regarding comprehension of and compliance with social regulations.

Our solution is not only a vital tool in carrying out such regular driver briefings, but also assists in the creation of individualised instruction and training materials for each driver including respective violation analyses.

With the integrated document management any trainings completed can be logged and documented in the system for future legal proof.

This way, you ensure comprehensive legal protection and safeguard against potential future claims by having all documents perfectly organized and at the ready for any checks or inspections at a moment’s notice.

TSI Driver Expenses AI

Automatic expenses reporting

Our one-of-a-kind Driver Expenses AI automates and manages all of your drivers' expenses and meal allowances with ease.

The Driver Expenses AI automatically recognises:

  • Large & small meal lump sums
  • Overnight allowances
  • Absence periods from the place of residence
  • Driver specific commutes
  • Country and region-specific expense rates
  • User-defined per diems and special regulations, and much more

Comprehensive management of all driver expenses

The Driver Expenses Manager allows for easy graphical management with straightforward, interactive, and intuitive visualisation.

You have everything at a glance — be it all expenses for a selected month, listed in detail or summed up for all drivers.

Easily create analyses and reports for your payroll accounting and entirely tailored to your requirements.

Expenses & Allowances
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